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Sending project cargo via air freight is one of the specialties that Frida-ocean transport offers. Project cargoes are consignments that are larger, longer, or heavier than is permitted to send via standard air freight options. We can charter a flight for this and ensure these special consignments can be transported. We go the extra mile for our clients. Our air freight specialists do not shy away from a challenge and you will never get a ‘’no’’ from us. specialist.

The use of air freight can create competitive advantages. For example, producers will agree to shorter order times if shipments possibly experience delays in production or cargo clearance can be shipped by air.

Air freight can also be used as part of a strategy for diversification — to introduce products with shorter shelf lives or to provide reliable delivery of smaller volumes in new markets. Once the market has been established and volumes increase, the manufacturer can reconstruct supply chains by using a less costly mode of transport.

These strategies are particularly important for landlocked countries that have unreliable land transportation or long and uncertain clearance procedures at their borders or foreign gateways. Finally, where exports require cold chains, air freight can present the only means for guaranteeing continuity.

Air freight is critical in the shipment of product patterns, designs, and technical drawings. While this is not a major source of air cargo, it is critical for manufacturers who export manufactured products. More important is satisfying the need to exchange samples with potential buyers. For contract manufacturing, this includes the initial prototype sent for the buyer’s approval so that the order can go ahead followed by a head of production run, which must be approved before starting full production. Samples may also be provided for testing or for promotion campaigns.

For imports the customs procedures are critical. The clearance requires both the airway master bill, sent at the time the flight departs, and the customs declaration, filed by the brokers after the cargo had been shipped. In some countries, the customs authority at the airport uses the same procedures and systems as at other international gateways, and inbound cargo can take up to a day to be cleared. In others, the procedures are adapted to the requirements of air cargo, with all transactions conducted electronically and cargo cleared within one or two hours on a 24/7 basis.